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Krishna Rajagopal

Chief Executive Officer, AKATI Sekurity

Krishna is a well renowned expert in the IT industry focusing on Security, Forensics and Training. Krishna's passion for Information Technology has kept him active in the field for two decades. He particularly focuses in Defence in Depth framework strategy formulation for corporates that encompasses areas such as Penetration Testing, Computer Forensics, SIEM, and DLP. Krishna has contributed extensively in helping numerous Governments and Global Banks to adapt to the Information Technology era. He has provided consultation and advice for banks including a prominent bank in Aruba when they were about to enter into the Online Banking scenario. The standards and procedures he has set for them are being used by all banks in Aruba today.​


Krishna holds more than 50 different professional certifications and is recognized internationally as one of the best in the industry for IT Forensics / Computer Security.  Krishna has extensive hands-on technical experience, possessing a vast range of industry specific certifications that demonstrate high technical proficiency and in-depth knowledge. He has progressively extended his interests to encompass a wide array of organizational, economic and legal aspects of IT.  Krishna has assisted and trained several Police forces around the globe on security measures and is accredited as a specialist in the successful investigation and prosecution of hackers, fraudsters and those involved in cybercrime.

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