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Risk to Resilience: Stop Zero Day Before Day Zero

Claire Lim, Solutions Engineer, Cloudflare

Jeremy Jorrot, SASE Sales Specialist, Cloudflare

Session Outline

From Risk to Resilience: Stop Zero Day Before Day Zero

In today’s rapidly changing digital environment, the sophisticated and frequency of cyber threats are escalating at an unprecedented rate. Traditional security measures are struggling to keep pace with the new wave of zero-day attacks, leaving organizations vulnerable to potentially devasting breaches.


The Evolving Threat Landscape: Stop Zero Day Before Day Zero explores how Cloudflare’s Everywhere Security solutions empower organizations to pre-emptively tackle emerging threats, ensuring robust protection against even the most advanced cyber-attacks.


  • Understanding the Evolving Threat Landscape: Delve into the current cyber security threats facing by Malaysia organizations, along with the unique challenges posed by traditional data security infrastructure. Discover their impact on cybersecurity priorities in Malaysia

  • Cloud Security Modernization Principles: Why organizations in Malaysia need to move beyond legacy security solutions and embrace a future-proof architecture like SASE to stay ahead of cyber threats. Explore Cloudflare’s innovative strategies for modernizing cloud security, featuring zero trust architecture, edge computing, and sustainable scale-out infrastructure

  • The need for unified & composable platform, a network built to scale: Discover the importance of having a scalable, unified platform that converge multiple security domains on one platform & control plane, providing comprehensive defense against evolving threats

  • Cloudflare’s Comprehensive Threat Intelligence: Explore how Cloudflare’s advanced security technologies, such as machine learning, AI-driven threat intelligence, and real-time analytics, work together to identify and neutralize threats before they can be exploited

  • Zero Trust Architecture: Learn about the Zero Trust model and how it integrates with Cloudflare’s security framework to provide a holistic defense strategy that secures all aspects of your digital infrastructure

  • Case Studies and Best Practices: Hear real-world examples of organizations that have successfully implemented Cloudflare’s solutions to protect against zero-day threats, and discover best practices for enhancing your own security posture


Join us to understand the evolving threat landscape and learn how Cloudflare’s Everywhere Security solutions can help you stop zero-day attacks before they happen, safeguarding your organization’s data, applications, and networks in a constantly changing cyber environment.

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