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Emerging Digital Trust Beyond Cybersecurity and Privacy

Mark Thomas
President, Escoute Consulting | ISACA Hall of Fame

Session Outline

Trust is central to every digital interaction. In today’s highly competitive and digital environment, people are more connected than ever before. The Internet has brought more opportunities to exchange ideas and information within our neighborhoods and across the globe as well as enable every connected person to communications, goods and services that have never been available in the past. Technology works in the background to support these interactions and transactions between individuals, enterprises, and external parties.  This presentation breaks down the definition, value, and foundations of digital trust to help better understand how it is a key outcome of good cybersecurity and privacy. 

•    Define digital trust.
•    Explain the value and impact of digital trust on various relationships.
•    Understand techniques to enhance overall GRC with respect to digital trust
•    Summarize the foundations of a Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework.

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