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Creating a Digital Trust Assurance Program

Mark Thomas

President, Escoute Consulting | ISACA Hall of Fame

Workshop Outline

In today’s highly competitive and digital environment, people are more connected than ever before.  Technology works in the background to support the interactions between individuals, enterprises, and external parties.  Therefore, digital trust is central to every digital interaction. This presentation breaks down the definition, value, and foundations of digital trust to help learners better understand how technology fully impacts enterprises with a focus on providing risk-based assurance over your digital trust initiatives in today’s high-velocity environment. 

Learning Objectives: 
•    Define digital trust.
•    Explain the value and impact of digital trust on various relationships.
•    Summarize the foundations of Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework.
•    Understand how to provide risk-based assurance and audit over digital trust initiatives. 

High-level Outline: 

Day One, Essentials of digital trust
•    Aspects of transforming environments
•    Focus on disruptive technologies (i.e. AI)
•    Digital trust fundamentals
•    The ISACA Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework
•    Getting started now on Digital Trust

Day Two, Designing an audit and assurance program
•    Aspects of today’s high-velocity environment
•    Governance of enterprise information and technology
•    Designing a tailored audit and assurance program
•    Focus on digital trust risk scenarios
•    Tips, tricks, and closing

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