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AI Implementation : Challenges and Risks

Ts. Goh Ser Yoong
Head of Compliance


Session Outline

The recent trend of AI being the buzzword in town continues as this technology is transforming cybersecurity, highlighting both its benefits and associated risks. As identified in the recent Gartner research, AI-related risks would lead to an increase of audit coverage.


The session will examine real-world cases of exploitation of AI as well as common AI vulnerabilities being exploited and discuss the implications for enterprises. It would be beneficial from this sharing session for cybersecurity and IT auditors to gain insights into specific risks associated with AI in cybersecurity to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities as it provides actionable insights for assessing and auditing AI implementations that are secure and compliant.


Some key takeaways from this presentation for attendees:

  • Enhanced Understanding of AI-Driven Cybersecurity Risks

  • Application of Established Frameworks and Best Practices

  • Strategies for Continuous Improvement and Compliance

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