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Ts. Goh Ser Yoong

Head of Compliance, ADVANCE.AI

Ts. Goh Ser Yoong is currently the Head of Compliance at ADVANCE.AI where his strategies have further solidified the firm's robust compliance and security measures. As a seasoned Information Technology and Cybersecurity professional his role leverages his extensive background in regulatory compliance and information security, gained from previous senior positions at prestigious organizations such as Standard Chartered, PwC and British American Tobacco.


Additionally, Ser Yoong's expertise and insights have frequently been featured in major news outlets and radio broadcasts, highlighting his role as a thought leader in cybersecurity, governance, compliance and risk management. Prior to the current role, as the CIO at Jewel Paymentech, an AI-first financial risk management solutions provider, Ser Yoong was pivotal in spearheading initiatives that significantly enhanced the company's digital security landscape. His tenure culminated in being honored as one of the Top 30 ASEAN CSOs recipients, a testament to his strategic foresight and impactful contributions to the cybersecurity community. Ser Yoong also has been volunteering actively in various global cybersecurity communities such as being on ISACA and CSA by serving on technical working groups, reviewers of articles and member chapters leadership.

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