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Are You Leaving Data to Chance? Data Governance at the Core of An Organization’s Digital Transformation Journey.

Ong Khai Chiat

Partner & Data and Analytics Leader, PwC Malaysia

Roland Chung

Partner, PwC’s Risk Assurance Data Trust Services, PwC Singapore

Session Outline

Data should be at the core of any organisation's digital transformation journey and is arguably an organisation’s most important asset. Data fuels growth yet still possesses its own risks, resulting in an organisation’s make-or-break situation.


Why leave data to chance? Embedding good data governance at the core of an organisation's digital transformation journey ensures that data is usable, accessible, protected, and supports better analytics to improve decision making and outcomes.


Through this session, participants will be able to gain a deeper appreciation of what, who, why, and how in forming a sound data governance framework with effective data management practices and get tips for aligning data governance with digital and business strategy to achieve your organisation’s purpose.

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