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Predictive Security for Digital Transformation - Where did we go wrong?

Krishna Rajagopal

Chief Executive Officer, AKATI Sekurity

Session Outline

If security products were so effective, why do we still get hacked?


This talk covers an in-depth dive into the latest cyber threats and trends amidst the current threats landscape prevalent in Malaysia. Expect a no-holds-barred discussion regarding how the increasing level of new technology adoption will offer a new means to cybercrime.


A wide variety of information security topics will be addressed to provide a vital understanding of the increasingly sophisticated and advanced cyber threats, especially with the emergence of new technologies. We aim to disclose what every Top Management should know about cybersecurity and what the Cybercriminals don’t want you to know.


Through this thought-provoking talk for practitioners, management, and leadership roles alike, each participant will leave with a renewed sense of understanding on Cybersecurity Digital Transformation.

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