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Accelerate Digital Transformation With Next Generation Remote Access Architecture aka ZTNA 2.0

Ian Lim

Field Chief Security Officer, JAPAC, Palo Alto Networks

Session Outline

The pandemic pushed our legacy remote access architecture to its limits. Scaling on-premise solutions became an issue. Backhauling was a performance nightmare especially for global companies. And most importantly, the security efficacy of legacy solutions cannot meet the demands of a borderless workforce that wants to access any application from anywhere – be it on-premise, cloud or SaaS. These issues are not trivial for any organization, given the fact that advanced attackers are capitalizing on the weaknesses of this legacy architecture. Remote access framework needs to be elevated to meet the threats of today as well as address the changing landscape of the new workforce. In addition to security, this architecture must also be reliable, scalable and easy to use and manage

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