Building a Privacy-Aware Enterprise Framework

Henry Ng

Managing Director - Thales Critical Information Systems and Cybersecurity

Session Outline

Cybersecurity is becoming a daunting task for many security professionals as more and more security vulnerabilities and attacks are uprising. With an increasing number of data breaches and data extortion cases, managing data privacy has become a board-level priority for many organizations. Enterprises are striving to implement appropriate controls to protect and manage an individual's privacy throughout the life cycle of personal and sensitive data. They are looking for an established privacy framework so that enterprises can apply privacy controls to all aspects of business activities. 


In this presentation, Henry will introduce a few prominent privacy frameworks including NIST Privacy Framework and ISO 27701 Privacy Management System. Henry will also explain how enterprises can apply these frameworks to implement an organization-wide privacy framework. As privacy is closely linked with cybersecurity, Henry will also talk about some cybersecurity models which can also be leveraged to build a privacy-aware enterprise farmework.