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Installation Vs Implementation – Accelerating the Change Program through Cultural Osmosis!

Brian Hay APM

Executive Director, Cultural Cyber Security Pty Limited

Session Outline

Too often we subscribe to the manta of “build it and they will come”.  And in these endeavours all of the effort is put into the technical installation, integration, and digital manipulation to wonderfully “install” a new amazing and technical offering…. However, it may adopted, utilised and exploited by only 10% of the workforce, therefore never realising its full potential and never delivering the savings and benefits of which it is indeed capable.  This is completely the opposite of “Installation”, where the new technology is embraced, utilised, appreciated, and immediately commences a return on its investment….. the difference “People”.  Making people part of the change program and building a culture of change, continual improvement and the pursuit of excellence is a recipe for enduring success.  Leave people out of it and you get installation.  This session will explore the difference between Installation and Implementation but then further extend that conversation towards acceleration of the change program through Cultural Osmosis!  The enablement and unlocking of the potential of the human element….. the most vital ingredient in the entire recipe, but too often forgotten!  The mysterious world of the psychology of the technology!

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