Jaco Benadie

Executive Director & Head of Cyber, KPMG in Malaysia

Jaco heads KPMG’s Cyber advisory unit in Malaysia with more than 15 years of experience in the field of cyber security for both Information technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT). He leverages IT and engineering skills and experiences to design, develop and implement controls that support the safeguarding of critical computing systems from cyber threats.

Jaco has built deep expertise in dealing with all levels of customer management in OT, IT and cyber security. He has also been frequently engaged as a subject matter expert for complex remediation activities and has acted as a mediator to resolve tensions between IT and OT.

In the OT cyber security, Jaco has worked closely with Asset Directors/Manager to develop cyber security strategies supporting the safeguarding of manufacturing and production industries. He strongly cultivates the notion that at the end of every manufacturing and/or production line, there is a person that will be physically impacted by cyber incidents – as a customer or employee.

With CISOs, Jaco supports drives cyber transformation agenda  as a business enabler for digital revolution and by developing requires fit-for-purpose solutions and controls that and solutions commensurate to the business risk.

Jaco specializes in the Energy and Natural Resources industry, with expanded expertise in critical national Infrastructure sectors as well as the Financial Services industry.