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Karthik R Sundar

Director of Cyber Risk Advisory, Deloitte Malaysia

Karthik R Sundar is a cybersecurity consultant at Deloitte Malaysia with vast experience in managing complex security challenges across different industries such as oil and gas, healthcare, financial institutions, and more. He specializes in identifying security bottlenecks, enhancing business efficacy, and delivering strategic security solutions to clients. Karthik's skill set includes:

  • Managed and developed Cyber Security programs for multiple verticals of industries by enabling board to view Cyber Strategy and define a systematic approach to defend organizations against offensive security capabilities.

  • Define and develop strategy programs for C-Panel to effectively Cost Optimize on Cyber Security Requirements and pen down cyber requirements based on Business Context  across IT and OT System Architectures. 

  • Action Strategy Requirements by analyzing Talent , Skill & Technology required to enable organization to kick start / enhance their cyber resilience.

  • Managed penetration tests, web application reviews and host assessment engagements for two Malaysian banking institutions and Oil & gas sectors.

  • Performed Red Team Assessments, Table-top Exercise across Technical Teams and Executive teams to have a resilient framework to response to cyber threats and defend their brand reputation..

  • Managed engagement teams reviewing Cyber Maturity Assessments , Identity & Access Management. 

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