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Brandon Low

CEO & Co-founder of SecureKi Sdn Bhd

Brandon has over 20 years of ICT networking, IT Security, and application software experience.

SecureKi is a new cybersecurity company specializing in zero-trust Identity and Privileged Access Management (IPAM), which helps many customers stop targeted attacks, mitigate insider threats, achieve compliance, improve operations, and secure the hybrid enterprise. 

He and his team provided many consultations and advisories for turnkey PAM deployment and transformation for many Banks in Asia, including prominent banks in South Korea & Malaysia.

Brandon Low’s career before the entrepreneurship of founding SecureKi includes; Account Director for CA Asia South, where he specialized in service assurance solutions for service providers and enterprises, Technical Consulting Manager for South Asia EMC Resource Management Software group, Network Specialist of NSU Mesiniaga Berhad, and ISP Network Engineer of NTT MSC.

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