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Gan Kok Tin

Partner, PwC Hong Kong

Kok-Tin is a Partner in PwC’s Cyber Security & Privacy practice with over 16 years of experience. Kok Tin is also the founder of PwC’s Darklab, Hackaday and Hackbot. Kok Tin is currently the Vice Chairman of itSMF HK Chapter and the member of security committee of Fintech Association of HK. Kok-Tin has co-authored a number of cyber security and technology risk related guidelines for different Regulators in the region. Kok-Tin has also led ~500 small to large size of security assessment / transformation engagements and has worked across different continents including, Asia, America, Europe and Africa. Kok-Tin’s key areas of expertise and experience include Cyber security strategy, framework (ISO27001, NIST, Multi Level Protection), architecture design, application security (OWASP, OWASP Mobile) and data security (e.g., PCI DSS), secure development life cycle, DevSecOps, Cloud security, IT risk, security / technology architecture, security operations / Managed Detection & Response, incident response, red teaming (MITRE).

Kok-Tin was a professional white hat hacker, when he first started his career. To-date, he has led more than 1000 systems penetration test / red-teaming exercise and have also assumed incident response lead role for a number of high profile cyber attacks in the region. At the same time, he also published a number of proprietary cyber intelligence on https://blog.darklab.hk/. In recent years, he also founded:

●A next generation 7 x 24 security operations which has the capability of analysing 4TB of logs on daily basis (“Darklab”)

●The first “Capture the Flag” competition in Hong Kong (“Hackaday”)

●An offensive orchestration tool to automate and increase the effectiveness of the threats & vulnerabilities managements (“Hackbot”)

Kok Tin is a TED talk speaker and he also founded a dot.com company during his early days of his career.