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Introducing ISACA's Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework

Jo Stewart-Rattray

Director of Technology & Security Assurance, BRM Advisory

Session Outline

We have countless digital interactions every day, all of which are underlined by a single element: trust.  If we think about trust with digital lens on it, what is it and why should we care about it?  It should be said that trust is actually the underpinning factor in all relationships and is central to almost every interactions we have in the human world.  Given the expanding digital world in which we live and work now is the time to explore what digital trust is and what is means to each of us both personally and professionally. 


Jo Stewart-Rattray, ISACA Hall of Fame inductee and former International Board Director was one of the global team that developed the new Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework and she will explore with you some of the ways that the framework can assist you professionally as well as its alignments to other internationally recognized frameworks.

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