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​Supercharging Your Cyber Resiliency: CISOs on the Front Lines

Victor Keong

Field CISO, Cohesity APJ

Session Outline

CISOs are on the front line dealing with the onslaught and proliferation of ransomware attacks. How are they making cyber resilience a foundational part of their strategy? Join Victor Keong, Field CISO of Cohesity APJ to hear the real-world examples about how CISOs are focusing their strategies on recovery and resilience, for building the foundation to supercharge your defense against cyberthreats. This session will cover key strategies and best practices for building a strong cybersecurity foundation and leveraging the latest technologies to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape, that help you defend your data, detect anomalies with AI/ML-powered forensics and threat scanning, and ultimately, recover your data in the event of an attack

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