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Brian Hay APM

Executive Director, Cultural Cyber Security Pty Limited

Plenary Session Speaker Profile

Brian Hay APM has a rare blend of cyber security skills and business attributes. Long considered a Thought Leader in the world of Cyber Security he learned his craft not from the technical demands of the industry but rather by focusing on the activities of organized crime and cyber criminals through a 35 year career in law enforcement. Having been a foundational contributor and participant in many of Australia’s cyber security initiatives; 5 year Chair of the Australia New Zealand Police Advisory’s eCrime Working Group, member of the Federal Attorneys-General cybercrime working group, one of the key drivers of the establishment of Australia’s online cybercrime reporting platform, development of the National Plan to Combat Cybercrime, Brian possesses a unique insight of operational critical thinking in the cyber security challenge. Having developed the security concept of the “Lifecycle of Cybercrime” he consults with key clients to understand their business strategies and seeks to assist organizational objectives whilst ensuring the highest levels of security. His broad environmental awareness and thought leadership expertise seeks to understand the client environment in order to deliver meaningful efforts that drive and deliver key organizational outcomes, reduce risk, and grow people.

He has a Masters in Public Policy and Administration and former President of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (Brisbane Chapter). Brian is an industry renown and sought- after cybersecurity evangelist, thought leader, and public speaker.

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